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How ERVs Improve Your Home's Air Quality

Wade is on-site in Rhode Island at a new custom home he's working on. Today he's talking air quality.

Today's homes are tighter than in the past. In the past, they were more open, so there would be leakage that exchanged the air and humidity. But today, we're building at a higher level and standard than code.

Let's take a look at the Energy Recovery Ventilator, ERV, installed on this home that makes that possible.

This ERV system he's got installed, in its first blower door test achieved a .7 ACH50, a great number. When they get the house wrapped up and do the blower test, they're expecting great results. 

An ERV is able to exhaust the stale air, pollutants, mites, dust, allergens, and other things you don't want to breathe in.

So, Wade's HVAC expert, Lou, joins him to tell us how an ERV works.