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Hot Water For A 7000 Sf House?

Hot Water For A 7000 Sf House? .

Matt Risinger is showing off a dual tank and piping system that provides domestic hot water for a very large custom home in Austin, TX. Watch how he piped the units to work together - or independently - as well as a circulator system that has smart controls. When you build a big custom home, you must think about how you're going to get water to each edge of the house. Each of the tanks are AO Smith Vertex systems, which are 100,000 BTU input, 50-gallon tanks that boast a 96% efficiency (so for every $1 of energy that you put into the system, 96% goes to heating water. This level of efficiency also allows you to vent with PVC, which is another cost saver.Both units are on a circulator system to help pump hot water through such a large home. The pump is on a timer and temperature gauge, which helps moderate the hot water through the house. It detects when the water in the line pipes hits 130 degrees, which means it can stop running hot water through the lines. However, as soon as it hits 110 degrees, it triggers the pump to circulate again. This gauge guarantees you have quick access to hot water while limiting energy waste.In this instance, the units work independently to serve the separate wings of the house. However, they are connected via an "isolation valve", so if one of the units goes out, you can open the valve to the other. This is a really impressive system, check out the full video to see it for yourself!

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