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Home Audio & Theater for a Mansion

Matt Risinger is finishing up a killer house in Lake Austin with an amazing media system, so this show is all about fun. Matt brands it the best system he's ever put in a house. He talks and walks through all parts the house's system with Bill Blaylock of Concept Electronics ([email protected]). They begin outside, you can get 1000 watts of sound for an outdoor party, and then he takes us into the media room, which includes movable shades and adjustable lighting, and the TV and audio are on a separate system. It's a Crestron sytem that controls thermostats, audio, camera, etc. (Crestron System - You can reboot items individually. Air goes into and out of the closet so it doesn't get too hot, and all the air inside the media closet is redirected into the air system so that air doesn't go into the house. Reliability is also important. Crestron is the "granddaddy" of control systems, with excellent programming and hardware. Home architecture Home Designer