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Hidden Doors in Shou Sugi Ban plus tips for install

Dive into hidden doors. Learn more about hidden door installation with the help of Sugastune hinges. A unique feature to point out is the Shou Sugi Ban walls. Shou Sugi Ban is the ancient Japanese exterior siding technique that preserves wood by charging it with fire. The process involves charring the wood, cooling it, cleaning it and finishing it with a natural oil. This technique is typically used on exterior surfaces, but in this case, it's located on the inside of the home. Risinger's Tips put your finished floors down first, complete your sheetrock on the ceiling, make sure the door you're using is a solid-core door so there's enough meat to nail and glue onto and ensure you're using high-quality hardware like the Sugastune hinges used here. Visit for more on their HES-3D-190 Hardware.