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Haiku Home LED Lights Review

Haiku Home LED Lights Review .

In this Risinger Goes Rogue episode, Matt Risinger in his closet at his home, where he has two Haiku Home LED Lights installed. Risinger recommends this product, which comes in two models the Select is $150, the Premier is $200. Is it worth the extra $50? Risinger argues yes, as with the Premier, you can use an app to connect to the lights and customize the timing of the motion detector and the color temperature, anywhere from very dim to super bright, allowing you to better see the colors of the clothes in your closet. They're easy to connect and can also be used with an Amazon Echo/Alexa device. Lastly, Risinger mentions the benefit of the Haiku Home LED Lights' sealed bulb. He previously had circular fluorescents in his closet and those would get bugs stuck in them, which looked kind of gross. These are covered and stay clean looking, and even be used outside. Watch the video to learn more and see the lights in action, and follow this link to buy on Amazon http://amzn.to/2h89KtF.

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