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Glue / No Glue Advantech Test

Glue / No Glue Advantech Test .

Adhesive can make all the difference between a squeaky and a squeak-free floor. In this video you can watch Matt Risinger test AdvanTech's adhesive and its capacity to ensure a squeak-free floor. But how does adhesive contribute to creating a squeak-free floor? Risinger tests his theory by gluing two one foot wide sections of 3/4" AdvanTech subfloor together with AdvanTech SubFloor Adhesive. As you can see in the video, the adhesive makes all the difference. Just one bead of adhesive connecting the two boards makes the sub-floor boards significantly stronger and more stable, and a stronger and more stable floor means a squeak-free floor.Watch the full video to see the difference the Advantech SubFloor Adhesive makes. Spoiler warning it will blow your mind.

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