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Gerber Dual Flush Toilets Review

Gerber Dual Flush Toilets Review .

Join Matt Risinger at his in-law's house at Lake LBJ. After admiring the recent remodel of the house, head into the bathroom for the main attraction. Everyone wants an effective toilet, but how do you find one that is both effective and efficient? The Gerber Dual Flush toilet has two flushing options. Press the handle down for a 1.1-gallon flush and up for a 1.6-gallon flush. In the video, you can see and hear the power of the 1.1-gallon flush. How is it more powerful with less water? The tank contains a pressurized bladder. As the bladder refills with water, the tank also pressurizes. By utilizing additional pressure to push the water into the toilet, you can use less water. Check out the full video to see the Gerber Dual Flush toilet in action and watch how it achieves both effectiveness and efficiency.

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