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Full Scale Mockup

Full Scale Mockup .

"In many communities, there are governing boards and committees dedicated to positive statements in Architecture beyond the Building Code. On a recent project, we had to provide a submission to a Historic Commission because the renovation/addition is to a house located within the community’s Historic District. Before we can apply for a Building Permit in the area, we need the approval of the Historic Commission. As you can see in the video we did a full-scale mock-up of the outlines of the proposed two additions. Join BIG RED and myself as we walk thru a couple of the building elevations and outline where we developed aspects of the design to appreciate the historic location of the house. Hats off to my good friends at Shoreline Builders doing a great job with the mock-ups that really helped the Historic Commission see our vision………Enjoy Friends" Sign up for the newsletter! Follow Steve on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevenbaczekarchitect/?hl=en 

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