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Frost Proof Hose Bibs

Frost Proof Hose Bibs .

How much does a frozen water line cost? Definitely more than a $40 hose bib. Even in predominately hot climates like Central Texas, the short winters still run the risk of frost and frozen pipes. A simple addition to your external water sources, such as a frost proof hose bib, can give you the peace of mind that your hose faucet won't be the cause of any frozen water lines. Unlike a traditional socket, the ball joint sits about 7-8" back, which allows the water to stay in the warmth of the house.In order to use the frost proof bibs, you need enough space to make sure the joint is in the house, but not sticking out of your wall. Check out the full video to learn about the best exterior options to use a frost proof hose bib.

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