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Framing Tour: Rotundas, Arches, and Engineered Studs in Highland Park Dallas Home

We meet up with Matt Risinger in Dallas where he visits a friend’s job site for a custom home build in the Highland Park neighborhood. This builder has been watching The Build Show and has incorporated a lot of Matt’s best practices, including LVL (laminated veneer lumber) framing and studs, ceilings with curves and a lot of detail, in a CMU block-stucco exterior house. This home includes some unique archway and ceiling framing that will create a beautiful and different look, with great attention to exterior waterproofing. (Note: AlumaFlash Plus wrap is best used for Southern homes). We see the frame of a see-through fireplace, an amazing rotunda with a dome, a steel-framed winding staircase, and more. Join Matt as we walk through this amazing, unique house.