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Fine Home Building Magazine Editor Justin Fink - Durability and Simplicity

In this video from the show floor, Matt Risinger talks with Justin Fink of Fine Home Building Magazine about trends and buzzwords in the home building industry. Fink mentions resiliency being popular, but he sees that as the ability to recover from something that went wrong. He believes focus should be more on durability and simplicity, and talks about that trend being the wave of the future—simplifying products so that they're easily installed the correct way the first time, increasing success rates. They talk about the trend towards more air tightness in housing and how manufacturers are responding to that trend, and about Risinger's upcoming article for the magazine on the perfect wall concept. Fink emphasizes that "fine" doesn't mean "expensive", it's more than you're working with such a high level of care that you're putting your whole self into the job. Watch the video to hear their discussion, including a drilling down into ZIP System® R-Sheathing and the opportunities presented by combining sheathing and foam together.