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Finding a Great Framer - 3 Tips

Finding a Great Framer - 3 Tips .

Sometimes the most important part of building your home is who is doing it, Matt Risinger takes us through 3 tips on how to find, retain, and train the frame carpenter who can get the job done. There are three distinct phases of construction, but Risinger cautions us to look at stage two, when the windows are installed, as a primary focus. These windows need to be water sealed an air tight, as he warns water is the enemy of durability. Windows need to be air tight for sure, but how do you get a good framer who is going to come through for every phase of the home construction process? Turns out word of mouth is the way to go. While you're looking, don't forget to ask your lumber supplier, finish carpenter, and other builders/remodelers since they tend to know the best people in town who will be efficient and build with integrity. Tune into the full video to hear what Risinger recommends.

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