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Farmhouse Kitchen - Design Tips & More

Farmhouse Kitchen - Design Tips & More .

Matt Risinger and team built a beautiful farmhouse at Springdale Farms near downtown Austin, TX. Five years later he returns to visit the farmhouse kitchen.In this video, join Risinger as he revisits all the features that have worked out for the owners. The centerpiece of the kitchen is the refurbished 1950s gas range. Any range, but especially this one, requires good venting. You can see the custom vent fan built for this kitchen. It is a simple 300 CFM insert, wrapped with stainless steel. With any combustion gas, you need to run a vent fan. In a tight house like this one, you need to provide some makeup air.Check out his simple solution for makeup air. Whenever the vent fan runs, a 24-volt relay opens a damper hidden below the range to allow makeup air from the outside to exhaust through the vent fan.Other beautiful features include the pine wood floors, which were sourced from beams found in an old warehouse in Austin. Pine only gets better with age, and it really adds to the look and feel and soul of an old home.Another classic farmhouse addition are the wood walls (instead of tile) and the painted cabinets. These cabinets are still in excellent condition because they were painted at the cabinet maker's shop, which provides more ideal conditions. What else makes this farmhouse kitchen so stunning? Watch the full video to see the Sharp microwave drawer, creative locations for electrical outlets, soapstone countertops," and more.

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