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The Keys to English Tudor Woodwork and Paneled Walls .

In this video Brent uses architectural salvage and examples of past work to highlight the key details to creating authentic and historic English woodwork. The strap carving, the paneling and panel sizes and even hand pegging all help create a historic look. Brent also uses books from the past to share clues on how to build well.

What is strap work carving? It's like strapping, as its name implies, where its straps and pretty elements are all laid flat. Compare that to the Italian or French style floral carving that is more three dimensional. 

We'll look at the pre-1666 English architecture and elements and the woodwork after the Great Fire of London when we see a transformation in style and materials. 

With all of this history and detailing, how do you get English millworking right? By studying the historic details. Brent will give you plenty of options to choose from. 

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