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Doug Fir Siding w/ Sikkens Cetol 123 .

Take a look at this 800 square foot guest/pool house finished about a year ago. Master Builder Matt Risinger and team used Douglas fir for the exterior, which you may know is quite an unusual choice. You may also notice that the wood siding doesn't extend all the way to the ground; architects Rick & Cindy Black did a great job ensuring that the wood siding is protected from the elements. To further protect the wood siding, they coated Cetol 123 on all six sides of the wood before the carpenter even touched it. A year later, and the wood looks the same as the day it was installed.You'll see how the siding has space on all sides, which allow airflow and provides room for any fluctuation in the wood.Check out the full video to see how Risinger installed the Douglas fir siding.

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