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Dry Foundations 101

Sponsored by: Dorken


- Adrian Wegner, Architectural Consultant & Territory Sales Manager, Dörken Systems Inc.
- Matt Risinger, CEO, Risinger Build
- Jake Bruton, Owner, Aarow Building












Webinar Description:

The major cause of many common foundation problems is water. Foundation protection systems are a critical component for keeping basements dry. Like air control above grade, it is important to consider water control below grade as a system solution, not as a single component. 

This one-hour webinar will dig into water management practices for foundations and below grade structures. Learn how to reduce your risk and keep homes protected

What You’ll Learn:

- Reasons behind why/how moisture enters the foundation;
- How to identify faulty foundation walls;
- Understanding how builders are at risk; and
- The correct systems that will minimize risk and errors.