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That’s right!! While we tend to heavily scrutinize the floor plan and the elevations, quite often we overlook the opportunities available with the ceiling. Ceiling design can certainly add an enormous amount of intrigue to a room. This week we look at just that, a ceiling in the sunroom of our Ranch Remodel where we used a tray ceiling design finished in Doug Fir to enhance the architectural quality of the space. Follow along as I provide a deep explanation into the thoughts that went into this ceiling design. Architectural concepts of Order, Hierarchy, Symmetry, and Scale all play a role in the success of this ceiling design. I also walk thru the concepts of analyzing the components individually, and then synthesizing the concepts into a cohesive, ordered solution that will be easily resolved and appreciated by all that enter the room. Of course “BIG RED” is out and always willing to offer enhanced explanation. Enjoy the video my friends – let me know if you have any questions……Long Live Our Buildings