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Don't Hang Drywall Till You Watch This! .

While you're building a house there are a lot of tiny details that end up making a big difference in your home, one of which is figuring out how to separate your garage from the rest of the house. Obviously, you want to be careful to separate due to fire safety, but also one thing to consider is air tightness. Garages are notorious for pulling air in and leaking out, it can absorbd the carbon monoxide from car exhausts or the paint fumes from the cans stacked on the shelves. This doesn't seem like a big issue until you realize that if the garage and home aren't properly separated, the air quality in your home can be seriously jeopardized. The entire wall needs to be insulated and covered from floor to ceiling, with at least 4 inches, even if it's a two-story home. Risinger also warns us to not forget those outlets too where air can get through. Watch the full video now!

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