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Deck Building Best Practice - 3 Tips (including Grace Vycor Deck Protector) .

As a builder, water is the number one enemy. In this episode, Matt Risinger reviews PROSOCO's R Guard System for waterproofing a house.

Sean from PROSOCO walks us through a waterproofing system that is different from standard housewrappers in that it is a substrate, creating minimal lapse and making it easy to understand and install. A pretty cool thing to note as the system is applied, it looks a lot like a rubber and it allows the vapor to enter the house, but not the bulk water. Watch step-by-step as Sean surgically applies this system with no gloves and no mess.

Also included here are some links to check out the products in action.








Sausage Pack Caulking Gun https://alexa.design/2pn5Rke

Bent Tip https://alexa.design/2okCnnA

Leatherman Raptor https://alexa.design/2nyI0S4

Chip Brush https://alexa.design/2p0x9NB

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