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Custom Cabinets - What makes a Good Cabinet? .

In this video, you'll visit a cabinet maker shop, Honea Woodworks. The first thing you'll explore is casework, which is the main structure of the cabinet. For the best quality, you want to look for a veneer core cabinet.The next thing you need to look at is the drawer core construction. Most of the time, you will see plywood drawers with a locked shoulder, but another option is a hardwood drawer with dovetail joints.Don't forget to check the hardware. You'll love the look and feel of an undermount drawer slide with soft close.A traditional install includes a shoe mold and side or screen mold. Or, as you'll see in the video, you can use a compass to install flush against the wall.Finally, a shop finish is the best way to finish your cabinets. Having them painted at the job site leaves your cabinets vulnerable to all of the variables of a job site. By installing them completely finished and painted, you ensure they will look great longer.Check out the full video for more custom cabinet tips and tricks.

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