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Cool Find at Deck and Re-Modeling Show: Easy Patio Cover Solution

What a cool product! Jake Bruton is in Kentucky at the Deck and Re-Modeling Show where he stumbled upon the SkyLift hardware. He stops to chat with company reps to learn more. What the product does is provide a solution for home builders conducting renovations.

The product detaches to the top of an exterior wall plate, goes through the roof and is sealed with standard vent flashing, which gives you a code-approved seal. Saddles come in various sizes. 

Now, in a remodel situation you can attach a roof system over a patio, where before you'd have a massive over frame, you're open to many design possibilities. 

SkyLift can give an outdoor living space what it’s been missing. The hardware is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and an upgrade to your outdoor living space, with a patio cover, pergola, or trellis; while avoiding the many problems that have been encountered in the past with these structures. 

Nice find at the show!