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Canned Spray Foam for penetrations pre-insulation .

Build tight and ventilate right: a mantra of Master Builder Matt Risinger. Risinger shows us how he uses his trusty spray foam gun with replaceable cannisters of spray foam insulation. By the end of this video, you will understand how a few cans of spray foam—used correctly—prior to placing insulation can make a world of difference for a new house or remodel.Watch as Risinger demonstrates foaming exterior sheathing penetrations to minimize air and vapor transportation into the house. This step is extremely important regardless of the type of insulation you use, but especially if you're not using spray foam insulation.The spray foam application gun is reusable, and he reckons he only uses 1 to 2 cans of spray foam per house. Taking the time to seal every nook and cranny ensures that no outside air or condensation can find its way into the house. The reusable spray foam gun and cannisters cost less than $100, so the investment will pay itself back many times over.

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