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Building in the French Style

Building in the French Style .

As Brent says, there’s a hierarchy when it comes to building historic homes. This hierarchy tells us where we are in the home. Brent takes us to a home that mimics some very historic details.

He’ll talk to us about quoining, stone details with a handmade look, and window surrounds – all factors that contribute to the overall feeling that this house has “grown” over time.

We’ll walk inside to discover some of the interior details that make this style possible. Learn more about what a typical French moldings would like (Moldings need to tie things together so they’re a crucial part of this home’s design), as well as cross-setted corners throughout the house that add a formal touch to the layout. After an interior look, take a peek at the back of the home to explore the rafters, shaped in a traditional French style.

Hull Millwork

french block shape hall height