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Building A Boat Dock Update 1

Building A Boat Dock Update 1 .

We seldom get a bird's-eye-view of a boat dock during construction. In this video, Jordan Smith takes us to a boat dock designed by MF Architecture that is winning awards even before completion.Details include piles drilled down into the bedrock with I-beams coming up out of the water. Easy? Guess again. The precision required for each one is pretty demanding. The frame will house laser-cut stainless-steel panels that are treated to eliminate corrosion. 900 holes were drilled to attach the panels to the frame. At the beams, they are in the process of building a steel roof, with a crane sitting on a boat to load the beams onto the structure. The beams are fabricated offsite. The video shows us the crane and construction, complete with zoomy music and appropriately sped up. First beam fit! Watch this space for more updates.