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Episode 3: Foundation Waterproofing and Drainage Boards .

On this episode of Building on an Island, Wade takes us back to the house where we the transitions from the foundation and backfilling to the framing stage. Wade focuses on foundation waterproofing, drainage boards, and how they will tie into the french drain system around the footing. He'll also show us the extra step he likes to take underneath the basement slab on grade: closed-cell spray foam. Because the home is surrounded by water and the island sees a lot of rain, special attention needs to be paid to waterproofing the basement and moving that water away from the footing. Wade uses two Tremco products: an H8 polymer enhanced liquid asphalt applied membrane to waterproof the concrete wall, and Warm-N-Dri®, part of the TUFF-N-Dri system. See what other benefits these two products lend to the island build. Wade reviews some of the work they're doing to keep the basement dry, including the french drain system, the sump pit, and a crushed-stone base beneath the slab.

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