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BMC Pro Remodel | Hawkins Construction Services, Inc.

The BMC Pro Remodel Services Team know how much time, sweat, and pride you've invested into your remodeling business. BMC is equipped to be your professional building supply partner for all of your remodeling needs. Count on us to deliver what you want, when you need it.

Hear from John Hawkins of Hawkins Construction Services, Inc. as to why he chooses BMC as a partner for his remodeling projects.

"I've just always enjoyed this stuff. And I don't have to answer to anybody other than my customers. but it's not always what it's cracked up to be being in business for yourself."

"In remodeling, I don't have to look for problems. Problems are there every day. My job is to solve those problems. BMC helps me in a number of different ways. They've got the material there. I can get in, get out and get back to the job. That's extremely important to me and the way my business is set up."

"We're part of the builders team. And that team involves not only the sales rep, but it involves the customer service team that we have on the yard. A counter that they're comfortable going to and placing orders, knowledgeable staff. They have an outside salesperson that can go to their jobs, help them make selections, help them solve problems."

"BMC is part of my team. My framer, my trim guy cannot get done what they need to do on the job without having the materials there."

"We're constantly moving and that's the same for the remodeler."