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Best Tool Gifts - Fathers Day 2018, Tool gifts for Dad!

The best gift is one that can be used every day. Knives at every price point, flashlights, smart key holders, multi tools and more. Join Master Builders Matt Risinger and Jordan Smith as they review great options for every day carries that are useful and affordable. From the smallest knife to battery testers, personal favorites and great ideas for gift giving. In this video, the duo empties their pockets to show us what's really important to them. Some products they suggest Kershaw Leek Blackwash, Maratac AAA Flashlight, and a Keysmart. The best part is, everything in this gift guide is relatively inexpensive, with the highest-priced item at about $90.00. If you're interested in purchasing any of these for Dad, links are below. Check out the video to learn more.Benchmade Mini-Griptilian pocket knife Maratac AAA Flashlight Kershaw Leek Blackwash Parker Jotter Pen Leatherman Skeletool Leatherman Style PS Sharpener Gerber Suspension Nebo Cryket Flashlight Keysmart Milwaukee Bit Set Makita Quiet Impact Driver Mechanix Fast Fit Work Gloves Ironclad General Gloves Caulk gun Standard Newborn Caulk gun Large Size Outdoor Knots Guide ZTS Mini Battery Tester ZTS Full Battery Tester Man in the Mirror Book Yeti Bucket