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Benjamin Moore Aura Trim & Millwork Paint Review .

Has a new product come along to upstage the virtues of oil-based paint on doors, trim work and millwork? Join Master Builder Matt Risinger as he reviews Benjamin Moore's new Aura Semi-Gloss Paint for trim and millwork. This low VOC (41 g/L) paint is quite a bit different from traditional oil based paint but has some of the attributes of oil-based paint that professional painters love. Unlike other water-based paints, Aura does not gum up when sanded between coats, and lays down like an oil-based paint when using the Graco Rac X Fine Finish Tip. Another big win for Aura easy water-based clean up, no paint thinner needed! With its low odor, it's a much safer product for your team to be around, and your cost savings in labor and clean up should more than make up for its higher price-point. Check out the video to learn more and catch all the positive qualities of this new product.

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