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Basic Tools for Working With Steel

Basic Tools for Working With Steel .

Did you ever wish you had a shopping list of what you would need to work within a certain category? If that category is working with steel, you're in luck. In this video, Jordan Smith discusses the basic tools you will need in order to work safely with steel. Moving from the most basic of all, welder gloves, clear face shield and welding helmet, Smith moves quickly into the types of sanders, saws, grinders and disks that can effectively and efficiently be used.Smith also moves through clamps, strong hand tools and Adjusto squares specifically addressing the challenges of steel as a medium. Finally, what do you need in a welder? Smith discusses the Lincoln Mig Welder and the Miller Tig Welder, even discussing what you should expect to pay. The video actually gives you that shopping list, complete with Amazon.com links to reasonable choices in each category. It's mentoring by Smith at the most basic level as he helps you get started and enables you to make smart decisions. If you need to know exactly what you need and to have some idea of the investment necessary to begin working safely with steel, this video is a great place to start.

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