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AprilAire Model 2210 Media Air Cleaner Review .

In this video, we check in with Matt Risinger on a remodel job at a 10-year-old house. He's in the attic, which has had spray foam applied throughout so it's now a conditioned attic instead of the fiberglass that was there before, bringing the temp down considerably from where it was when they began working.

Working with the HVAC contractor they've done almost a whole-house HVAC replacement, including installation of a 95%-efficient gas furnace. Risinger discusses their installation of the Aprilaire 2210 air filter, which will pick up items down to as small as mold spores, and they only need replacement once a year. They've also installed this filter into the fresh air input, so before the fresh air comes into to the house from the outside, it goes through this filter first. Watch the video to see how they've conditioned this attic and to learn more about the Aprilaire 2210 air filter.

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