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American Standard Platinum Series Furnace & Air Conditioner Review

Are you looking for the best of the best in reliability and efficiency? Look no farther than the American Standard Platinum Series. In this video, Matt Risinger shares his experience using the American Standard units for nearly 10 years now.Not only are these units extremely reliable, they are also as efficient as you can get. You will see that they are 97% efficient. In other words, for every $1 of natural gas entering the furnace, 97% is turned into heat, so only 3% is wasted. In comparison, the average unit is only 75 to 80% efficient.Even more, these units are very safe. Risinger explains how the unit uses a sealed combustion unit. A PVC vent brings air in from outside into combustion chamber, so it does not suck any air from inside the house, while the exhaust runs back outside through another PVC vent. The unit is so efficient that you don't need a metal pipe for exhaust because there is not enough exhaust to get hot enough to require a metal vent. You will also notice the Aprilaire filtration system. Risinger shares that Aprilaire does a fantastic job at filtration, and you only need to replace the filters once a year.Finally, take a trip outside to see the three compressors that correlate with the three air handlers in the home. The Platinum Series runs at two different speeds. By utilizing two-stage cooling you can combat humidity in your home. The low speeds can run longer while using less energy. The longer the unit runs, the less humidity inside the home. Ultimately the units pay for themselves, but an increase of comfort is immediate.Need more convincing? Check out the full video to learn more.