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Join Wade for a continuation of his previous Episode.  On the "Air Sealing Mudsill to Foundation" Episode, Wade showed you how to get a tight connection where the framing meets foundation for just a few hundred bucks.  If you haven't watched that Episode yet please go check it out. This Episode is really Part 2 as Wade shows you how to use a belt and suspenders approach to ensuring that you will have no air leakage where wood meets concrete. Wade will apply a bead of Contega HF to the backside of the ZIP Sheathing.  This provides an tight seal to stop air from getting behind where the sheathing overlaps the foundation.  Taking it a step further, Wade likes to use Huber's Liquid Flash on the bottom 4 or 5" on the sheathing and continues to apply the liquid flash down and under the exposed edge of the ZIP and back to the foundation.  This achieves a few things: stops air leaks, blocks moisture, seals the sheathing from rotting, stops wicking of moisture from ground splash. 
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