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Air Sealing SIPS - Risinger Goes Rogue

Air Sealing SIPS - Risinger Goes Rogue .

In this quick Risinger Goes Rogue video, Matt Risinger talks about using structural insulated panels or SIPs, which are a high-performance building system used in both residential and some light commercial construction jobs. He's at a SIPs house where he discusses air sealing as falling into three categories Code, Better and Best. Risinger believes SIPs panels fall under the "Best" category when it comes to good quality air sealing in home building and home remodeling. He mentions that not only do you want an airtight exterior, but you also need to make sure there's good interior air tightness as well, and that doesn't always happen in new home building construction. One of Risinger's best practices is using SIPs and then using a blower to check for leaks before you start hanging drywall, making sure the home is tight inside and out for maximum protection against air leakage. Watch the video to learn more about SIPs panels and air tightness in home building.