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Air Sealing Prior to Sheetrock

Air Sealing Prior to Sheetrock .

Building a tight home involves substantial effort including a variety of insulation layers, calking methods, to ensure that air penetration is prevented. In this video, master builder, Matt Risinger discusses how air sealing a 3,500 sq. ft. home prior to sheetrock actually takes place.Risinger walks us through the layers already added, including cellulose and rigid foam layers on the inside, as well as a layer of rigid foam on the home's exterior. Even the roof line has two layers—rigid foam and spray foam. Air sealing involves using beads of high-quality polyurethane sealant between studs, including where the subfloor and bottom plate meet. Using a sausage caulking gun and sausage caulking tubes, a bead of sealant is run wherever there is a wood-on-wood connection, which is then evened out so that the sheetrock isn't compromised by an uneven surface.With tight sealing, Risinger explains that fresh air is brought in purposely when the resident wants it. Watching the process will give you a good feel for how to go about air sealing to create as tight a house as possible. You'll also learn the side benefits to air sealing prior to adding sheetrock.