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A Stucco Failure - Lessons Learned and How to Fix! .

Consider an air gap behind any cladding you have! Matt walks us around this 20-year-old home where his team is remodeling and replacing old wood windows with Marvin Contemporary Series. He shows some lessons to be learned from a Stucco failure.The front of the house has a stone façade and the back is stucco. Brick, stone, stucco are all considered reservoir claddings. Brick and stone are automatically installed with an airgap.On this house, the stucco was applied directly on to two layers of tar paper which was directly above the sheathing; the original builder didn't leave any room for an air gap. Since stucco is also a reservoir cladding, it would soak up all the rain and other moisture, Without an airgap, the moisture just soaked through into the sheathing behind it. After 20 years, you see the significant damage that caused.For this project, Risinger uses Delta Dry Stucco & Stone which is a dimple mat that provides an airgap between stucco and the sheathing. Finally, never forget a sill pan, regardless of the exterior cladding. Check out the video to learn more.

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