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It’s not an accident that things look good. Many hours pushing and pulling, challenging thoughts, and reviewing options is all part of the success of a good design. Architects have their own set of tools, order, scale, hierarchy, proportion, and symmetry are just a few of them. This week BIG RED and I take a close look at the front elevation of a current project. We look at how some of those tools helped me to organize the front elevation and instill a strong sense of Architecture to his new home. When it comes to my projects – I’m selfish, and I take it personal. I believe that not only should our buildings last a long time, but that they should be loved everyday of that long life. That love, it isn’t just a tag on a new building, it’s has got be earned. I have found that the best way to “earn it” is to simply give the mind something to resolve easily. That quick resolution translates to a quick appreciation, and appreciation earns that love. Follow me along in this video and watch as we use those architect’s tools to develop that easy resolution, that appreciation, and ultimately earn that love……Enjoy the video my friends – Long Live Our Buildings

Steven Baczek Architect