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What is a Control Line?

On this episode Wade will share with you his method of setting a control line around the exterior perimeter of a home that he uses as a reference line to set windows and doors.  This laser level line is a chalk line that Wade's crew can use to measure from top of window frome to the control line so the tops of the window units can be set in the openings to perfectly align.  Now, when Wade's crew installs the cedar shakes on the exterior, the coursing will nicely hit the top of the window as they should for a nice exterior aesthetic detail.  The benefit on the interior comes into play during the finish carpentry phase.  The window head jambs will now be perfectly aligned so the head casing is level from window to window. 
A simple and easy step that will make setting windows a breeze and help make the job of the siding crew and interior finish crew that much easier.  
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