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This week’s video follows along the install of “Warmboard” – the radiant floor heating being installed at my Ranch Remodel. We follow along as the talented craftsmen install the system as a retrofit to the existing ranch. This is system is so well planned, the install is problem-free. The system is being installed as the primary heating system for the house and is installed in entirety throughout the whole renovation. As winter approaches and this project comes close to completion – the Warmboard system will get some very high appreciation from the clients as they get ready to get back into their renovated home. The Warmboard system has a lot to it, and this video provides a great start to understanding how it works, how it gets installed, and how you too can have warm feet ALL winter long. Enjoy the video my friends – and Thank You Warmboard for being part of such a successful team.

You can checkout Warmboard's website for more information:

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