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This Home has Three ERVs. Why?

This Home has Three ERVs. Why? .

Chances are when you turn on the bathroom exhaust fan or kitchen range hood in your home the air that infiltrates your home to make up for those devices running is not air you want in your home. That incoming air is the same temperature as the outdoors, which for much of the country for much of the year doesn’t match the indoor temperature. The incoming air is unfiltered, bringing with it pollen, particulate matter, and other potentially harmful or at least unwanted contaminates. Lastly, that air brings potentially unwanted moisture. This happens simply because depressurizing the home means make up air has to find its way inside. With balanced ventilation the occupants have control of the incoming air. It can be tempered, filtered, and dehumidified. That is what an ERV does. The Spring Valley project has two types of ERVs and this video will give you an overview tour of how this house creates balanced ventilation.

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