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Episode 6: Disruptions in the Building Supply Chain .

On today’s episode I’m joined by two very special guests from the go-to company for all your sealant caulk and stain needs -- Sashco.

Nathan and Les are discussing all things supply chain disruption (it sure has been crazy out there) and what to do if you can’t find your preferred product for a build.

With an increased demand in housing and this bottleneck in the supply chain, it’s become a little (a lot) more difficult to source the products we need. Big companies like Sashco are no different and have been placed on percentage allocation until things are back to normal meaning they’ve had to adapt to make things work.

With back-orders looking to affect companies until mid-summer, we likely won’t see normal trade resume until early fall. With this in mind, Nathan and Les are talking us through some of the key features to look out for when making performance tradeoffs to meet your business’s demand.

They’ve even provided us with a cheat-sheet that you can refer back to when needed:




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