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Episode 3: How do I find a good builder?

Today I'm joined on the show by a couple of my buddies and business partners here at Risinger Build and we're here to chat about one of the most commonly asked questions Steve gets in his inbox.

And that is, "How do I find a good builder?"

Interestingly, he's found that many who ask that question aren't quite ready to be at this stage just yet. This is because before you start looking for a builder, you need to be crystal clear about the project and exactly what it is you want from your new home.

So, ask yourself… Have I seen an architect yet? Do I have the initial plans? What’s my budget looking like?

If you don't have answers to these questions, or if it's just a straight-up no, circle back and get those things sorted out first. Then you'll be in a much better position to follow the tips we share today. 

And, for all you builders tuning in, stick around, because this episode will provide you with the framework for what we’re telling your potential new clients to look out for.