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How to Build a House That Uses 90% Less Energy!

Matt walks us through Passive House, which is a high-performance building standard developed to reduce building-related emissions. These buildings are super-insulated (continuous, continuous, continuous!), have little to no thermal bridges, well-insulated windows, are airtight, utilize an HRV/ERV, and have minimal conditioning systems. They are not only energy-efficient, but crazy comfortable and healthy! Is there a better way to build? Check out these links below as a good starting point for learning more about this standard.

A Practical Approach to Passive House - Steve Baczek, FineHomeBuilding

What is Passive House - PHIUS

What is a Passive House? - RockWool

Passive house construction: Everything you need to know - Barbara Eldredge,

Changing the way we build our homes! - Robert Lynn,

Positive Energy

Canadian Passive House

Top 10 Most Efficient Homes in America

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