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New Products and Tools Rundown: Episode 1

Here’s a sneak peek into our new office and studio space!! Matt shows off some products that have gotten sent over that he really likes - If you and/or your company have killer products you think Matt would consider “bomber” feel free to send over to 9300 United Dr. Suite 100 Austin TX 78758 OR [email protected] - If its worth featuring on The Build Show review videos then you might see it live! Crescent Rapid Slide Wrenches - Crescent 10” Locking Adjustable Dual Wrench - NOCO Boost Plus GB40 - Airex E Flex Guard - Airex Titan Outlet - Tajima 25ft Strong Tape - Evolve Stone Website - Lathnet - Airex Website- Wire Hide Low Voltage Wire Cover Kit - TSTUD -

Risinger Build