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Welcome to High Performance Canada

Welcome to High Performance Canada .

Thank you for your interest in all things Canadian building science. We're so excited for you to join our journey and learn from our perspective of residential construction.

In this series, host Nathan Kischel visits job sites around British Columbia to learn how other builders and architects are addressing high performance construction, and the BC Energy Step Code. There are so many innovators across the country, and we hope to see them all, detail by detail.

There is so much to be said about the way we build our homes in Canada. With a booming construction market, and extremely harsh natural climates, there are so many ways we can continuously evolve and grow. How do you build a home that battles 30-degree Celsius heat in the summer, and -30 degree Celsius cold in the winter while consuming little to no energy? We will show you how. There is a new wave of simplicity in high performance building science sweeping across the country and we’re going to dive right in!

 Host Nathan Kischel of Purehaus Developments takes you on a tour while speaking with many like-minded industry professionals from all corners of the market. He uses his growing knowledge base, and asks all the questions right from the pros. His curiosity about low energy construction is what drives him to learn from the best of the best and share that knowledge with the Build Show community.