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Foundation Waterproofing

On this episode Wade will show you how he is waterproofing this foundation.  The site has a very high water table so Wade is making sure he's using the right products to keep water away from the walls. The first step is to spray on Tremco's TUFF-N DRI H8 to seal the concrete and provide a waterproofing material.  The next step is to keep water AWAY from the concrete walls and direct the water DOWN AND OUT. To accomplish this Wade is using DORKEN'S DELTA-DRAIN product.  A drainboard that is basically a rainscreen for a foundation.  The air gap will allow water to drain down to the crushed stone where it can be managed and sent far away from the footings. Water management begins in the ground.  Taking the right steps and using the right products will ensure a dry basement and improve humidity and air quality in the home. 
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