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Foundation Insulation at its Best .

Foam insulation can be a valuable asset to any project. It provides a rigid continuous insulation that is durable and allowed to be placed in locations other insulations can’t withstand. By placing the insulation on the inside of the foundation it is protected from insects, pest, and all other exterior conditions giving it the best opportunity for success and providing the client with the least possibility of maintenance needed below grade. Choosing the right insulation for these locations can be tough, but there is a great choice you may not have heard of before. Graphite infused expanded polystyrene (GPS) is different that XPS, EPS, or other foams. The GPS family of foams is better for the environment than XPS and carries a higher R value per inch than EPS. In this episode Jake talks about his #hilltopaarow house and two types of Halo GPS insulation. The Halo Subterra Plus product is durable, rated to carry the load of the concrete slab and home, and approved to be below grade. When detailed properly with tape the Subterra Plus also acts as a continuous vapor control layer. The Halo Interra GPS foam on the walls includes a radiant barrier while still being a vapor control layer. Follow along with this build on IG with #hilltopaarow

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