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Contractors and Remodelers: How to Sell New Jobs Post COVID-19

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As COVID-19 affects nearly every industry across the globe, builders and remodelers here in the U.S. are wondering how to pivot once this is over. From halted jobs, economic destruction, and disrupted supply chains, its effects are widespread. The impacts on the industry will bring long-lasting and short-term consequences. While new processes will be in place once the country is in a more stable and re-opened state, we needs to prepare for marketing new jobs and remaining profitable. This can be done. In this webinar, industry experts with discuss how they’re adjusting sales and marketing tactics to align with new conditions and remain profitable in the months and years following the COVID-19 crisis.

What We’ll Discuss

  1. How to adjust your sales, marketing, and operational processes to align with the new normal.
  2. Steps needed to ensure your business remains profitable post COVID-19.
  3. Tips for keeping current projects moving forward, finding new ones and protecting your supply chain.


Matt Risinger, CEO,  Risinger Build
Wade Paquin, Principal, WKP Construction
Gary Gross, Vice President of Pro-Remodeling, BMC
Jeremy Martin, Principal, Risher Martin 

About BMC

BMC is one of the leading providers of diversified building products and services to builders, contractors and professional remodeler in the U.S. residential housing market. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions spans building materials, including millwork and structural component manufacturing capabilities, consultative showrooms and design centers, value-added installation management services and an innovative eBusiness platform. BMC serves 45 metropolitan areas across 19 states, principally in the South and West regions.