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Imagine a world without punch lists - a place where everything fits the first time. Every door, window outlet, and switch, and the trades framers to finishers. They keep until they're done. Sound too good to be true? Well imagine this: BMC's READY-FRAME whole-house solution helps you get it right.

Floors, walls, stairs, and trusses. So, right, in fact, your takeoff is 100% guarantee. That's one price per pack with everything you need delivered. You bring us your plans, our whole-house design brings them to life. It's more than a great view. It's error catching inside and an opportunity to make changes before you build.

Once your plans are perfected, BMC proprietary technology and saws do the rest with precision cuts accurate to 1/16th of an inch. We precision label every stick. Smart bundle your package top to bottom in the order you're using, deliver when you need it, and unload it where you want.

No cutting sticks on the job. No last minute orders. No errors rippling through the trades. Your perfectly laid plans are now a frame by number set that crews pick up fast. And once they do, you'll build better and faster than you ever did with stick-frame.

Precision. Speed. Efficiency. That means less waste, fewer onsite injuries, more houses, more customer satisfaction and more profit.

So stop imagining and build it. The future of framing is now made possible by you and READY-FRAME: the market's first whole-house solution.