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How BMC Supports Pro Remodelers | Built Different

The BMC Pro Remodel Services Team knows how much time, sweat, and pride you've invested into your remodeling business. BMC is equipped to be your professional building supply partner for all of your remodeling needs. Count on us to deliver what you want, when you need it.

There are some who were built a bit different.

"There's no downtime usually for us."

They can see past the years and the fads, the neglect and the choices to envision new possibilities.

"No two customers are the same. We have to be able to give that to them, whatever it is."

You build reputations one nail at a time. On a foundation of purpose and pride.

"My reputation means a lot to me. I am on the job every day."

You construct dreams out of talent and grit.

"Problems are there every day. My job is to solve those problems."

And know professional results take imagination, hustle, commitment, and tenacity. Every day is an adventure. Every job is unique. And every minute counts on a deadline. Shortcuts only lead to longer days. Great work gets more work and excuses don't keep the rain out. It's a fact that experience and insights prevent problems and oversights. And your care and craft show in the details. At the end of the day, at the end of the job, we're trusted to transform a home. We hold all this to be true, because in every respect, this business is personal.