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On this Episode, Wade walks us through a simple and cost friendly way to air seal a mudsill to a concrete foundation. 
As you may have heard Wade say before, this is one of the most critical areas to air seal on a new construction home.  Often overlooked, this connection point, if not sealed properly, can result in poor indoor air quality, moisture problems, rot, mold, and deterioration of the mudsill and lower wall assembly.  A leaky home can result in energy consumption, uncomfortable indoor air quality, and moisture and rot issues. 
Using just a few products and a simple technique, Wade will show you the air seal "sandwich" he creates at this wood to concrete connection by using inexpensive standard sill sealer and a Contega HF air sealant that, for a few hundred bucks, will provide a great detail without breaking the bank!
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You can find the air sealant in this video here: